What is the direct way that hutch defends electrical appliance to attract business

Appearance innovation may become one of the direct ways to attract investment innovation of kitchen and bathroom appliances.On the basis of product homogenization, performance can not be the determinant of cost performance, relying on the unique appearance to win the eyes of consumers to buy.Hutch defuses electrical appliance to give a person all along "steel" impression, no matter be high density stainless steel or color steel, or it is vitreous face plate, all give a person neat and easy while slightly show rigid too sufficient.How to make these cold things soft art, bring fashion to the modern kitchen, which is the pursuit of the 80 is also a topic that manufacturers need to think about

Kitchen and bathroom electrical appliances recruit business is affected by real estate development bigger industry, although in the short term, kitchen and bathroom electrical appliances recruit business inevitably by the cyclical impact of the housing market regulation, but in the long run, real estate bonus can be period.China's urbanization rate stood at 57.4 percent at the end of 2016 and is expected to reach 60 percent by 2020.According to international experience, when the urbanization level reaches 70%, the urbanization level will increase rapidly. Judging from this, China's urbanization rate will continue to increase rapidly in the next decade or so.The steady rise in the proportion of real estate hardcover rooms, the acceleration of urban renewal, and the development of urbanization will continue to provide room for growth for the kitchen and bathroom appliances investment market.

Ou type lampblack machine refers to the food habit of European and American country commonly to design, the general lampblack generation in the cooking of European and American person is less, so the lampblack machine of small discharge can satisfy need, this also is one of the reasons that the kitchen ark of why European and American country is open type mostly.Working principle, the use of multi-layer oil mesh filter 5-7 layers, increase the motor power to achieve the best effect, general power is more than 200 watts.Machine of European type lampblack uses the outward appearance material of stainless steel and glass more, change is diverse again on appearance, do not resemble machine of Chinese style lampblack in that way "the image is unified", got the favor of more and more consumer so.In nowadays, a lot of people think European type lampblack machine does not suit the idea of Chinese family is wrong, now, all the machine of European type lampblack that sells on Chinese market is transformed through, the internal performance such as air volume, air pressure and Chinese style already did not have distinction, just the appearance is "European type".

HuTCH defences electric appliance to invite business industry to belong to traditional industry, competition is more intense, urban market respect holds a quantity big, already quite popular, add in recent years the country is right estate to adjust and control policy come on stage, bring about the demand that buys a complete set of home appliance to reduce, bring about the growth rate of market of electric appliance to invite business to slow down.But as people pursuit of life level unceasing enhancement, new kitchen appliances gradually accepted by people, in addition to the ninety s large-scale popularization of kitchen burning gas, lampblack machine, microwave oven, and other products after years of use has been in upgrading, we believe that the future city is the main growth momentum of the market will be in high technical content, a new type of hutch defends electric energy conservation and environmental protection investment products.



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